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    @ketankhairnar check out Mashape. I have used APIs hosted on their platform. Never been on that side of table though.

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    1. Lifetime license is a liability in terms of support and practically, it's not feasible. Yearly or bi-yearly plan sounds good.

    2. For pricing structure, you should now consider following point(magnitude on scale of 0-10, positive adds cost, negative reduces cost):

    • Access in in-house server for your customer (9)
    • One-time setup support (3)
    • Updates/maintenance (5) [You are probably going to provide them updates for better experience]
    • Bandwidth/storage(if applicable) you will save (-2)
    • Customer for a whole year and upfront revenue (-4) [Can go up/down depending on your current traction)
    • Possibility of new pricing model for your venture (-5) [Your first customer in this oricing segment)
    1. In few ways,
    • Build more, build fast - make code on their server old faster :)
    • Encrypt your code
    • Every time code on their server runs, it handshakes with your serve to check license validation
    1. Refer point 2.

    Additionally, make sure your license agreement does not allow code modification. The best case would be if you can convince them to use API hosted on servers and make them confide in your services.

    My personal views. Would love to discuss.

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    This is really interesting. Very useful for company employees for reimbursement. Kudos.

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    @rudimk please have a look at http://ecomnation.in/blog/a-beginners-guide-to-payment-gateway for comparison. Also, if you get time, do read our take on payment gateways for event organizers here.

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    @rudimk If you are a company registered in India, Stripe is not an option. Have a look https://stripe.com/global.

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    @rajarshi Plenty of options are available. Just to list few, Razorpay, Citrus, PayU, CCavenue are popular options. At our startup Magnet, we are using Citrus. Citrus, PayU requires companies to send documents via courier and can be 15-20 day process. We are also trying to get RazorPay gateway. They claim to verify online.

    In terms of api documemtation and integration, Citrus is not a charming PG. Razorpay seems to have really good integration flow.

    Payment gateway fees varies across platforms. Citrus and Razorpay both allows international payments but takes time in approval.

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