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    @paraschopra we are doing curated sources in the product, tech, design space + India (no RSS as on now). Hacker Mint looks cool!

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    The Top Fives is a clean / simple dashboard for top news from your favourite sources. Had posted details about it here approx 2 months ago.

    Now available on iOS as well for top news on the go :)
    Download here

    Open to feedback and suggestions. We are working on adding more sources as well as visual inspiration sources

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    @paraschopra yeah i felt alltop was a little overwhelming. Also since this is mostly used as a chrome tab here you will select your favourite sources (max 6 - no scroll)

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    Visit Website

    Made this over a long weekend with 6 news sources to start off with, but it has gone through multiple iterations now.

    It's basically a clean dashboard to get the top news on products, design and technology from the some of the best sources. Best used as a chrome extension.

    Product and Tech News:
    Product Hunt, Medium, Wired, Hacker News, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge, Growth Hackers

    Design News:
    Designer News, FastCoDesign, Smashing Magazine

    Reddit Movies, Reddit Funny, 9GAG

    MediaNama, YourStory, ETtech

    Design inspirations:
    Dribbble, Behance and Awwward

    Do let me know your thoughts, open to suggestions :)

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    @rudimk @paraschopra As a designer i wanted something like Screeny way back during iOS7 days. Even asked on twitter if something like this exists. At that time, it was a limitation at an OS level. Third party apps could not access the camera roll. That changed in iOS8. So did chance pe dance :)

    @paraschopra i did the ux/ui for the app and i knew space saving had a more emotional connect than the number of screenshots deleted (was using a 16gb phone then. Trust me these space savings are god sent!)

    I have written about our journey in multiple posts

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    Screeny is a simple utility app to find screenshots in your Camera Roll and delete them easily. Why do I delete screenshots? Because it was taken at one point of time — to share, review or point out something and then forgotten over time. And you would be surprised by the amount of space it consumes.

    "Screeny is the screenshot-deleting iPhone app we have wanted all our lives” - The Verge

    MacStories - Must have iPhone apps
    AppAdvice - 10 Best Paid iPhone Apps
    Cult of Mac - One of the 12 Best iOS Apps
    TNW - One of the 65 Best Apps launched

    Though the use case is super simple but the ease of use and overall experience made Screeny a nifty utility app. There were a lot of learnings from building, marketing and launching this app which today helps us with our upcoming apps.

    App Link | Website

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