Mobile deep linking is crucial - get some help from HOKO

  • Mobile experience is broken. Why? You probably use several apps on a regular basis and many, do send you emails right? When you click in a product/article from those emails, you're redirected to a web browser although you have the App. Deep linking solves this problem - when clicked upon, a mobile deep link brings the user into a specific place or action within a native App, bypassing the home page. Let's go back to the previous example: if the newsletter had offered such a link, it would bring you within the app - given that you clicked on it on a smartphone.

    HOKO is a full deep linking solution for iOS, Android and web apps in a single platform. We've build a platform that eases developer's life when it comes to work with deep linking. It's a free tool (and yes, it will always be free, we promise), with a lightweight SDK that allows you to skip the tedious job of configuring Apple and Google’s new mobile deep link standards. It also provides a dashboard so you can track the performance of your links.

    HOKO has been featured in Product Hunt as the most up voted deep linking service, not only due to our features but also, because we offer the easiest solution in the market.

    Feel free to register and check HOKO's platform. Also, let me know if you have any question - we'd be glad to help!

    Thank you all

    Maria Neves
    COO at HOKO

  • Glad to see HOKO here. I have experienced HOKO first hand couple of months back. We even worked together to get couple of bugs fixed. HOKO is actually very simple to use. As per my experience it was easier to implement the basics than some of its competitors like

    But I would like to add that this post may not be an appropriate fit for !Crud as its not an India specific product or team. But the moderators are best placed to judge this.

  • Hi Gourav,

    Thank you very much for your comments. We are truly glad that you've enjoyed HOKO.

    About your mention, if the post is appropriate or not for !Crud, we've tried to follow the Community Guidelines - "The primary rule we follow, is that anything you post should either pertain to the product landscape in India or..." . As India is being seen as top country when it comes to technology, we've decided to post about HOKO as a way of sharing mobile deep linking and create discussion about this subject.

    Thank you once again and, best of luck to Voola!

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