[Show NC] NightOwl - Loginless Anonymous Social Network

  • NightOwl is a attempt to create a loginless social network of anonymous people sharing their thoughts. You don't need to login, yet you can post and follow other people. Your username and activity is preserved even after you close the website.

    All NightOwl users are anonymous by default.You can however choose to opt out of anonymity by setting a preferred username and your Name in your profile.

    Your feed will consist of randomly selected thoughts from users you follow as well as some thoughts from other random people.


  • May I know what is your mission (or where do you want to take NightOwl to) and who are your target customers.

  • Interesting. I had come across it before. Simple and nice.

    Curious - what are some of the interesting things you've seen posted there? Anonymity on Internet is hard to handle for some.

    Did you know notCRUD has cool signatures? Use them by going to your User Profile > Edit.

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  • @gouravd NightOwl is simply an experiment to learn of how to track people and their preferences without asking them to share their data. I have no mission, per se, but hopefully, people will find NightOwl fun.

    @paraschopra You might have come across NightChamber: http://nightchamber.com/
    NightOwl started out as a clone of NightChamber, but later on I thought of making it into a full blown twitter like social network.

    Till now, a version of NightOwl was open to my friends and people in my college network, so most of the thoughts that I came across were issues related to the college, particularly the mess food :D

  • @arkokoley Curiously, what's your tech stack like?

  • @rudimk its based on Laravel which is a PHP framwork with a MySQL DB.

  • Ah, sweet. Heard a lot about Laravel. Didn't know Red Hat's cloud ran Laravel out of the box. But this looks pretty cool! Would love to see it grow. :D

  • @arkokoley @rudimk Function Space is entirely built on Laravel :)

  • Hey Adit! So, so good to see you here! And yes. I remember - Function Space was entirely on Laravel, and it convinced me that Laravel was something I had to look at. :D

  • @rudimk Good to see you too! PH got me here :) Btw, my latest crush is Swift. ;)

  • I'm itching to use Swift...for math ;)

  • Dont you think, these kind of products are better suited for Mobiles/small screens?

  • @gouravd said:

    Dont you think, these kind of products are better suited for Mobiles/small screens?

    I haven't given that a thought, however, the website is responsive and should work on smaller screens well enough.

  • Somebody is frustrated!

    Screenshot from 2015-09-05 20:06:53.png

  • Damn, the poor thing!

  • Heads up!
    Your website is vulnerable to XSS injection.

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