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  • @khitchdee History is history. We are the ones who are going to make the future. :p Mark my words, in couple of years time the president would be doing it live again. In past the systems were not conducive and most importantly the users were equiped with right tools either.

    But more seriously, Microsoft have live streamed Superbowl championship to more than 50million simultaneous live viewers. So technology now allows to do that.

    The use case you just referred (Us student) is the reason why Skype was built. P2p is optimal for that. But use cases for live streaming (that we are referring to) to wider broadcast is different. In live streaming streamer has to reach a larger audience and does not have to interact face to face. It also does not have to realtime, delay is accepted.

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  • @khitchdee You missed the point.

    1. The point is that P2P is not optimal for these kind of live video streaming cases.
    2. Currently technology allows to live stream to large audience
    3. Our end goal is not to stream 1 event to 50 million users. Our aim is to allow 50 million users to stream to their 1000 followers.

    Yes I do know about MBone and multicast, currently almost all live streaming services (like Microsoft, UStream, Livestream, Bambuser) support multicast.

    If you are looking for validation of Live streaming via client/server architecture then you should look at Periscope (if you haven't already)

    Most importantly please suggest why Microsoft is not a good role model. They made computer/PC accessible to everyone. They helped revive Apple when they were bankrupt. Their founder is doing tremedous work towards polio, malaria and AIDS eradication.

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  • @khitchdee With all due respect, the market is not small. Its pretty big and is waiting for disruption. I assume you are not into this business (live streaming). But we have done extensive research on the market and its potential.

    ***"Everyone uses the same technology. Is there any advantage to doing this in India?" ***

    We are doing this in India because the founders are Indian and raised in India. Its good that everyone uses same technology, that means the technology itself will improve.

    "How do you plan to differentiate your product? Everyone uses the same technology."

    Its hardly ever about the technology. Today, 99.99% products can be replicated. There are even businesses built around replicating apps/technology. In another thread at !Crud, someone rightly said that we in India are too focussed on the technology, which is just a means to the goal. Its always about the end user experiences. Experience as in not UI/UX but what, when and how they consume, create etc..

    Earlier I have already mentioned how we are different and how we think we will win, but I will not write an essay again :P

    While working with some of the most socially active groups, we found that they didn't know about Periscope and never thought about giving live streaming a try. But when they tried they were escatic. So its a matter of educating users.

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  • @gouravd said:

    @p_chhonker we are currently using 2 octacore 2.8 Ghz , 32gb,1.6gbps machines . I couldnt find any machines near those configuration in OVH. The machines at OVH and other similar VPS providing sites are way too slow for our needs.

    Can you discuss the pricing of your exact plan?

    I see, you are doing video transcoding at server end, which is very cpu intensive. In this scenario, consider the following.
    OVH's $3 plan gives you 100mbs download upto 10TB. However, you can only upload to their server at 1mbps. In this situation, you cannot use it for live streams. But, you can store popular VOD data(as the storage size is only 10 gig) on it and serve 100 viewers at 1mbps data rate, which is IMO sufficient data-rate for mobile. Alternatively, You can move single incoming stream at 1mbps to 100 viewers. You can also take incoming stream from one of your transcoding servers. This might add a few ms of latency. However, you are doing transcoding, this shouldn't matter and the relative impact would be low.

    Try the servers at http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/game/. Search around the website and you will definitely find something more appropriate for your requirements. When I last did an industry wide comparison, OVH's prices were unmatched. They are also number 3 hosting provider in the entire world.

  • @p_chhonker I agree, these machines are really cost effective. We will definitely use them when we have to. But currently we have a long term commtment with our current hardware provider. Once that expires, we will definitely evaluate OVH.

  • A quick update.

    Just released V

    Allows to record and stream recorded videos. Relive the experience with others
    Major fixes for streaming quality. But still kept the default Resolution very low (because of current bandwidth restrictions)
    Now works offline mode as well (basically to capture videos when there is no internet and you cannot stream. You can stream recorded videos later)

    Ability to stream privately to individuals and groups will be available in v0.9.0 (i.e the next release) in about a week

    Upgraded our servers as well. Now more people can view your streams glitch free

  • I'm not sure if I've asked before - where do you host your servers?

  • They are currently on Rackspace and MS Azure

  • Some more updates


    Now stream privately to your followers of choice
    Facebook Login and account linking
    Wider support for more formats for Mobile video streaming

  • A quick update

    In the meanwhile, last year (Dec 2015) we released our public beta.

    Along with it we also released Voola Talky - the fastest, safest and easiest way to video chat. All chats are 10s long atmost and gets deleted once viewed. Here's a demo video - https://vimeo.com/150471711

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