What's your process for hiring designers?

  • Our process at Wingify

    • First it's extremely important to be clear whether the designer is for UX or UI or visual design (for marketing materials)
    • See their portfolio in that light. We try not to judge a UX person on UI, although if s/he is good with both, it's a plus
    • Then we give them an assignment in the office and then a bigger assignment to take home and deliver

    We tend to hire good designers even if we don't have a specific requirement.

    I'm wondering what's the process for finding and hiring designers that has worked for others. India has a dearth of good designers and we had to search for multiple years before hiring our first designer.

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  • Hiring for a company is process, when a company is small and structured it is still managed process. But when a company grows over a certain limit, innovative hiring is required eg. implementing game theory in hiring etc.

    but it would be good to read about hiring process at


    We have blog all over the internet stating about What tech stack X company uses. How about what hiring process/methodology X company uses ?

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