[Show NC] Twitter Bot (@TellMeaningOf)

  • I'm currently working on a twitter-bot, which will tweet back meaning of the word. Bot is scripted in Python, and running on Google Cloud. Using a small dictionary database, if word not found in db, then searching it using dictionaryapi.com.

    After trying a lot of dictionaries and dictionary API, IMO Collin's dictionary is best. Just got the API Key (Apparently, you've to submit a proposal for free API-key). Working with that now.

    Please check @tellmeaningof.

    Any feedback will be appreciated.

  • Good job! Is the code open source?

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  • Good one!

    Why dont just create a bot, we can ask anything using simple commands?
    like google does.

  • @paraschopra not yet, I'll upload final code on GitHub later, once it is completed (too many crashes right now)

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