What's notCRUD all about?

  • We love awesome software products.

    We love building awesome software products. And we feel it's high time India becomes known, for churning out awesome software products. So we took a look around, and we realized that the one thing we really lacked, was a community that was just geared towards celebrating the art of making products, and not towards entrepreneurship and starting up. We wanted a community that talked about what it takes, to build great products in India. And to that end, we started notCRUD.

    The community is an extremely focused platform for product enthusiasts in India. And it's not just a community; in the next few months, we aim to build it into a platform, for not just talking about products, but also trying to help out in our own way, with people who are building the next epic product.

    If you'd like to gain contributing access, please register for an account, and drop a line to @notcrud or @rudimk about yourself.

    Here's to great product making!

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