Founders around?

  • Would love to explore more on this idea of notCRUD. I would like to know the people behind the initiative and also their contributions.

  • Yes, we're around. Happy to answer any questions.

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  • @paraschopra I think a better UI is needed. What's your opinion?

  • Not sure about the UI, but the UX is already amazing. Things that I really love

    1. Small preview of latest comment to right of the post
    2. Editor and preview side/side

    Things I do not understand

    1. What is the point of upvoting? Do the topics or replies come to top based on upvotes?
    2. Why there is no threaded replies

  • @paraschopra The website is really nice.

    Feature Requests:

    1. Give an option to collapse the third column(guidelines). Usually I like to see only one column but recent comments will not hurt.
    2. Daily email digest of popular posts. I tend to forget to use any website which does not send me a digest.

  • @roshansingh Thanks a lot! We're also setting up a Trello board to capture feature requests, including yours. Will have an update on that shortly. On another note, there is a feature where users can opt for daily email digests - for now, users haev to enable it manually, and I'm looking for ways to make that less painful.

  • @rudimk How do I activate it? You should enable it by default and have a one-clik unsubscribe link in the email.

  • Loving this so far. I have one feature request - creation of polls as posts.

  • @rudimk : Is it based on Discourse?

  • @biplav No, I'm afraid not. This runs on top of nodebb with a lot of custom code.

  • @vidseeth I hear ya. Coming right up.

  • The view count logic needs to change. For now a simple refresh of the post keeps on increasing it's view count.
    Could be something inspired from Discourse

  • Yes. That's a fair one. Although I'm also mulling removing the stats altogether and simplify it further.

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