[Show NC] Flipper - A Beautiful New Tab Page (Most Popular)

  • Check out the most popular New Tab Chrome extension (by an Indian developer). 'Flipper - A Beautiful New Tab' replaces your boring new tab page with an exquisitely designed page.

    It curently has a little over 6500 users and it is free with absolutely no ads. :smiley: Install from here

  • Looks beautiful. Where did the idea for Chrome extension came from? Also curious - how do you market a Chrome extension? Purely through the Chrome extension website?

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  • Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Yeah, that's right. I always wanted something beautiful for my new tab experience. There were a lot of solutions for that but almost all of them lacked some good features that were present in other alternatives. So I decided to make a small extension that suited my needs. But after the inception of Flipper, it started getting good response. So it became a full fledged project of mine. No paid advertising is used. Just organic.

  • Just installed Flipper. Love it.

  • I am have been using tab.pics chrome extension which picks up images from earthporn/seaporn subreddits. Have saved ~50 nice wallpapers so far.

    I wish we had something for india specific nice landscapes

  • I can implement that but it won't be anytime soon as I'm very busy with exams and other projects.

  • Very well done.

    Two small issues:

    1. Resizing the chrome window doesn't adjust the flippers. They stay at their initial positions.
    2. Styling of the 'Search' written in the google search box is a bit off.

    I am pointing these things out because everything else is Oh So Perfect.

  • @p_chhonker

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix it in the next update.
    2. Styling seems to be pixel perfect on my screen (QHD). What's your screen resolution?

  • @Shikhar My Screen resolution sis 1920X1080. Font size is a bit large for search box size, IMO and mouse click in the search box moves 'Search' unevenly. Its not a big deal though.

  • It may be a 'Half Pixel Problem'. I'm not really sure.

  • I've updated Flipper with some bug fixes and changed some algorithms to significantly reduce the load time. Now loads in less than 70ms.

  • I am currently using Infinity New Tab.
    Will give Flipper a try

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  • Can we take this elsewhere, and leave this thread for what it's discussing earlier?

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  • You can have a look at this too.. momentum an excellent new tab page.. With new wallpaper daily, new quote as well as weather and To-Do as well! And you can customize it with your name also!!!