[Show NC] Jump in to ride all the Bangalore taxis, at once

  • http://pravj.github.io/blog/bangalore-taxis/

    Data analysis of an Indian taxi aggregation service. Things you see when you get into the map.

  • Wow. This is amazing! On another note, I love the way you've used RethinkDB for aggregating all the data. Lovely stuff!

    One question I forgot to ask earlier. I see you've used raw ReQL queries, and I've read a lot on how ReQL is a powerful query language itself. Now, if I were to use RethinkDB from, say, Javascript - would you recommend using raw ReQL or an ODM like Thinky?

  • @rudimk Thanks for liking it.
    I opted for RethinkDB because of its native admin section and the ReQL game.
    Also I love it, when it shows the DB read/write visuals.

    On your question, I'm actually biased as I have used ReQL only.
    But now looking on Thinky, I won't use this because it gives me a feeling of mongodb models / mongoose and all.

    I think you are open on query choices when you are going with raw ReQL.

  • This is amazing @pravj! I think what would be super interesting is to mash this analysis with population density of a city to find out where should be more cabs but aren't, and tell tell local cab wallahs to go there to make more money.

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  • It would have been great to get this data during the bandh yesterday 02-09-15. I was just thinking about if it could be done and today i read your article.
    Great job not being caught BTW @pravj

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