ERPNext Open Day presentations are an awesome concept !


    • ERPNext is completely open source hosted ERP solution from a small in Mumbai
    • Customers and other people usually who are interested in any company doesn't get to know much on company operations.
    • ERPNext Open Day presentations are monthly activity that gives complete transparency about what company is up to !
    • This is difficult to begin as a process, but a very interesting approach for small teams to empower all of the employees to improve upon non core skills.
    • I have seen even customers commenting and praising this effort !
      We don't get such information from other company blogs in such a open and structured manner ! AN idea worth adopting :)

  • Great share. Yes, with some companies such as Buffer, GrooveHQ, Moz and Unbounce, their data is very transparent. But this is for the first time I'm seeing this level of transparency from an Indian company.

    ERPNext product and the company looks very interesting.

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