Why UX

  • A piece focusing on the up-front conversation about user experience in the digital age, by Anuj Kapur.

    The digital medium is becoming prettier and prettier. Designers are more focused and disciplined than ever, on how to keep layouts clean and functional, ensuring awesome readability. And that does solve the problem of readability. But it worries me when designers start competing on what looks better, than what works better. At the end of the day, we need to remember we are all building spoons; tools that make consumption and utility much easier than other alternatives. Just because something looks better, doesn't mean its in the best interest of the customer. User experience is only growing because there is nothing else bridging this gap. I feel it is more important now than ever before, for UX folks to ensure that the customer is able to do, what (s)he came to a website for, and has a great time doing it.

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    Deeksha Bahl


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