Is skeuomorphism dead?

  • Is the concept of skeuomorphic design - as it was pioneered by Apple - dead, with the rise of material design and the idea of flat frameworks like Bootstrap and Skeleton?

    Also, on the same note - turns out that IBM has a design language of its own - the IBM Design Language. People tend to believe it's a copy of sorts, of the material approach. Personally, one simply can't see many similarities, so what gives?

  • Even Apple seems to be going towards flat design. What I'm more curious about is what causes design to evolve? Given the hardware and display screen capabilities remain unchanged, how does design change from one release to another?

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  • But isn't that it? For instance, better mobile hardware means that browser rendering engines become more adept at rendering more complex UIs - but at the same time, I believe flat user interfaces are easier to render on smaller devices than elements with, say, gradients. Another thought that occurs to me is that at the end of the day, with Android's popularity, it makes sense to use material design elements in your codebase to maintain some form of consistency with the underlying operating system, to smoothen user flow. But that's my personal view, and I might just be off the mark. What's your take, @harish ?

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