[Show NC] An offline GUI swagger codegenerator

  • Unless you live under a rock I am sure you must be knowing of the awesome Swagger spec that makes writing both client and server boilerplate really easy

    They even have an API (and API to generate API - such APIception) at http://generator.swagger.io, and to top it off, they have a webapp where you can type your API spec in a editor, and it makes live documentation, and allows you to generate code for more than 10 server frameworks and over 20 client frameworks - http://editor.swagger.io

    So I was really jobless today, and I cooked up a Java/Swing based offline GUI into which you can drop a swagger.yaml or swagger.json file, and it will spew out generated code for a whole many number of frameworks.

    0_1451245151262_Screenshot from 2015-12-28 01:03:06.png

    Here is the zip of the jar. Run it via the usual java -jar swagger-codegen-gui.jar method


  • And I made a PR to swagger's original github repo too (https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen/pull/1770#issuecomment-167424000). If they are interested, I'll develop this further to add features like live docs, linting etc

  • Super, super useful. Planning to use Swagger for the backend portion of an app I've got in mind, and this is going to be a godsend. :D