Out of box framework to build licensing service for saas/hosted service products?

  • I haven't explored much but there is possibilty tht we've to roll out our own one to cater to licensing. It's complicated and hairy for security reasons.

    Requirements are simple

    • Restrict / API rate limiting based on license type ( daily restrictions (and/or) total ceiling

    • Service availability beyond expiry. Graceful shutdown of licensed features

    Any one has done this first hand; I would like to learn and would love to discuss this in detail.

  • You can check out WSO api Manager. Its open source and can server your requirement.

  • @biplav thanks will check out in a day or two. Do you have hands on experience with this?

  • @ketankhairnar check out Mashape. I have used APIs hosted on their platform. Never been on that side of table though.

    Co-founder, Magnet(https://www.getmagnet.com)


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