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  • There are currently 50 million small and medium size businesses (SMBs) in India contributing 40% of our country's GDP. As significant and encouraging as these figures seem, there is much more in store within SMBs. Most of them have not IT enabled their operations; as a result they are nowhere close to realising their full potential. Smarter Biz Technologies stands in the gap to enable SMBs to unlock their potential.

    Smarter Biz Technologies is a Bangalore based start up located in the startup hub of the city - Koramangala. Conceptualized in February 2014, they won the Hot100 startups in India in November 2015 and are NASCOMM Emerge 50 finalists in 2016. Founded by a team of 4 industry experts with an average experience of 18 years in business, IT, development, strategy to name a few, the company is well in it’s pace to go global in the 1st quarter of 2017.

    IT implementation is still an intimidating term for most small businesses in India. Smarter Biz has created a tool specially for the small and medium size enterprises called SmarterSMB. The tool seeks to enable businesses, which otherwise would be limited by technology; it is a mobile first Business management solution. The increasing smartphone penetration in the Indian market means business owners to now grow their business right from their phone, if it is all the technology they have. With the tool, users can efficiently collect customer information, follow up and track performance to improve their customer engagement. Data from across communication channels can be brought together to better analyse effectiveness of sales efforts.

    Solving the challenge for small and medium businesses would lead to a potential addition of $ 1.1 trillion in India’s GDP. To get started in this number businesses can now use Smarter SMB to grow sales by 15% in just 30 days. Mr Emmanuel Sathyadass, General Manager of SAIACS CEO Centre says, “Smarter SMB’s instant digital catalog and follow-up has helped grow our sales about 15% in a month.” Mr S. Sumbramani, Chairman and MD of Citadil Constructions also says, “Smarter SMB has helped us improve our follow-ups from 50% to 100% in 1 month, increasing our sales and customer delight.”

    Visit the Smarter Biz page for more details on how SmarterSMB can help you grow your business right from your mobile phone. Smarter SMB is available for download on Google Play Store for free; get growing even when you are just trying out the tool.

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