Wingify acquires Navilytics : Congratulations.

  • Wingify acquires Navilytics : Congratulations

    So here it is, news broke some 20 hours early, with Wingify acquiring US Based Navilytics, in its quest to become the one stop solution for Customer Interaction, conversion for Websites.

    So what's there in for the SaaS startup community in India ? When there is a funding galore around and continuous echo of how VC money can thrust your startup like a rocket ship, Wingify has again signified business principal that Customer's money is the bedrock.

    And also creating a stellar product which appeals and caters to the global audience. Congratulations Wingify, its team @rudimk & @paraschopra .Hope to take regular cue from you and learn in quest to build our SaaS startups.

    And I hope there will be an elaborate post on @notcrud about it :)

  • Thank you! We have exciting stuff lined up in 2016 - just watch out for what we release and announce :)

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  • Thanks, @rajarshi! And yes. I'm looking at telling our story pretty soon :D

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