[Show NC] Experience the joy of never losing a receipt!

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    Bill-in-here is a free app for Indian users, that let's you have all your bills in one place, so you find them on your smart phone, when you need them, for your reimbursements or for warranty claims to your big ticket purchases.
    Sign up using your Gmail account that holds your digital bills and use the feedback link in the app to let us know your experience.
    Here's the link to Bill-in-here on Play store: Bill-in-here

  • This is so nifty! Does the app automatically pull receipts from our Gmail inboxes?

  • I have a Nexus 6P running marshmallow and the play store listing says -
    This app is incompatible with your device.

    I'm guessing you are not supporting api 23. Please fix it.

    Also where do the receipts get stored? In my google account or on your servers? I'd prefer the former!

  • @rudimk Thank you! Yes, it pulls receipts from your gmail inbox.

  • @gaara87 Thank you!! for pointing it out. We're adding support for Marshmallow, in tonight's release. Receipts are currently stored on our servers. Thank you for your feedback. We're adding choice of private storage, to our roadmap.

  • This is really interesting. Very useful for company employees for reimbursement. Kudos.

    Co-founder, Magnet(https://www.getmagnet.com)


  • Great idea ! When will it be available for ios ?

    • Bala

  • @13kric Thank you!

    We don't have a date yet. We wanted to experiment in India first. Android being the platform of majority, was our first choice. Thank you for bringing it up! It validates the pressing need for iOS, as we take it global.