10 Growth hacks you should use for your startup

  • I have written few points while understanding the term "Growth Hacking", hopefully this will come handy,have a look Growth Hacking 101, feedback are most welcome :)



  • "6. Give away free T-shirts: On asking most successful growth hack, Invision Co-founder said “Honestly, I’d say our Free t-shirts have been a much bigger success than expected. Startup swag is still really hot! We give away 1 a week, and it’s just crazy how much social media buzz and email addresses that gains us each week. And t-shirts are something that every startup, even bedroom bootstrapped startups, can afford. And it’s only one a week, so it’s crazy low cost but massive ROI.”[1]
    why do you think New-relic , Salesforce give away T-shirt ? They know nerds will show off to other nerd and nerds matter most to them."

    I really like this point. It's one of those finer, subtler points that a lot of people don't think can work as a growth hack - but like you said, it does.

    Great read!

  • @rudimk Thanks for your words :)



  • @introvertmac Point #6 has always been in my list but it just got into the priority list now!! Will share the response as well soon..

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