Are progressive web apps the future of mobile apps?

  • I'm a massive, massive proponent of the mobile web(something I love boasting about!), and the Flipkart Lite app is just freaking awesome, with the engineering behind it(check out a great post on its internals here). There's this blog I follow, called Gone Hybrid, by Ashteya Biharisingh, and she's come up with a must-read on whether progressive web apps are the future of mobile dev.

    Must, must read.

  • "At the moment, progressive apps will only work on Android."

    Who is to say that iOS will expose all the APIs and permissions to progressive web apps, that it does for native apps? Even on Android, it requires Chrome. Unfortunately, this takes away half of the advantage of web apps.

    However, if you only want to target Android and Web, this may be potentially useful.