[Show NC] Buzzer app - Notify family or friends when you reach home, school, gym, office or traveling destination.

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    Buzzer App [Beta]

    We make calls or text messages to know "Did jerry make it home after late night movie?" or "When will jerry arrive to pick me up?" and it's also not cool to call parents to know that you reached your place safely. To solve all these chaos, with my friend, I made Buzzer app and launched public beta in this week to validate the idea.
    So whether you're coordinating carpools or just ensuring everyone arrived home safe. You just have to pick the place and choose your contact app will automatically send buzz when you will reach place. In Buzzer you can also send direct buzz like yo app.

    Please show your love to my 1st app and help me to validate my idea by joining : Check out app or Visit site [non androiders]

    Thanks for reading, any feedback on app monetization is highly appreciated!

    Enjoy Buzzing

  • IF by IFTT can do this and a lot more with recepeis. There is no need for a custom app.

  • I suppose so. But for someone who's not very tech-savvy, even navigating IFTTT and finding the right events and triggers can be a messy affair. Buzzer makes that cleaner, IMO.

  • This post is deleted!

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