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  • Ever since notCRUD was conceived, the penultimate goal has been all about helping all of us achieve that one goal - an ecosystem where products reign supreme. Today, we've deployed a lot of updates to the notCRUD platform, to make the experience of being a part of this community even better.

    New Index View

    We've started this series of long-form writeups, called the notCRUD Originals, where we curate the best insights from the top product makers in India. But that's just the beginning. We've got more content planned in the next couple of weeks, and the index page should allow you to jump between different content types - posts, Originals, and the rest. Ergo, the home page now sports a rather cleaner, meaner, "I mean business" look. And it loads faster too. Now I don't have to worry about blowing my mobile data pack away, which is kinda nice.

    New Profiles

    One of the key drivers behind building a product community is to make sure that our members can showcase a profile of sorts, that gives others a glance into their skills and expertise, as product makers and builders. To that end, the profile page has been revamped - while it does indeed resemble a Medium profile(Can't help it, Medium profiles are the benchmark!), we believe it's a step towards making your notCRUD profile a part of your identity online. Think for product geeks. That's what we're gunning for. In time, we will roll out more features to make that profile feature-complete. To check it out, click on your avatar in the top right corner, and select your username.

    Social authentication

    Something a lot of people have been putting across. The challenge until now, was to figure out how to connect existing accounts with your social accounts, and we've now got that up and running. As of now, existing notCRUD members can connect their Facebook, Twitter and Github accounts to their notCRUD profile, and log in with their Facebook, Twitter or Github accounts as and when you like. To connect any/all of these accounts, simply head to your profile, and on the left, click on the hamburger menu, as shown in the screenshot below:


    Select 'Edit', and you'll be confronted with this:


    Here, you can connect your social accounts to your notCRUD account, and log in with social auth if that makes your flow simpler.


    Asking questions is how we manage to get anywhere. notCRUD now supports marking a post as a question; this essentially tags the post publicly as a question, and anyone's welcome to answer. Once you feel you've found the answer, you can mark the post as solved, for others to refer to at some point in the future.

    Asking a question:


    Existing questions:


    Marking a question as solved:


    I suppose nobody really knows what happened to Fury, so I should probably delete that post.


    Yes! That one's been a long time coming, as you'd see here - @vidseeth had mentioned it back then. Creating a poll is fairly simple, and of course a lot of fun. To get started, click the icon that looks like a bar chart, in the editor, right after the file upload icon.

    Creating a poll:


    Viewing a poll:


    Poll results:



    Chat isn't exactly new; unfortunately, until now, it was pretty unusable, unless you liked really big fonts. That's all fixed now, and if I may say so, chat works beautifully! It's a great way to catch up with people you meet on notCRUD. Who knows what kind of collaboration comes out of it?

    Your chat sessions:


    A single chat session:


    By the by, we store chat history for about 3 months. Don't take too long to decide if you're pinged by someone with an insane product idea in mind!

    Mobile UX

    While notCRUD was designed mobile-first, it wasn't exactly the best experience all around. We've added a couple of features to make it breezier...yes. Breezier.

    1. The main menu has been revamped. Looks much nicer. Also, notifications are now a part of the menu, instead of being loaded in a separate view. Swipe to the left, and check it out.



    1. Within a post, scrolling up and down can be rather painful. So...paginator!


    We've got a lot more things coming up in the next couple of weeks. Like:

    1. Google auth.
    2. Badges, for people who have a particular skillset - this makes it easy for anyone out here to approach the right person, when needed. 'Oh, I need to figure out my metrics! Ah, I can talk to X, she's got a badge.' That sort of thing. Although on second thoughts, that does tend to sound like X is a cop or something, but you get the idea.
    3. Invitations! Nothing feels better than being invited to something - a wedding, a party, a speaker slot. Why should notCRUD miss out? You could help notCRUD grow by sending invites to people who you feel should be a part of it.
    4. API. This stems from this thread. Unfortunately, while our API is out there, up and running, documenting it has been a challenge with so many updates(maybe I should take a leaf out of Postman's workflow...). In a bit, we'll have those docs up, and if you want to take a shot and play with our API, yay.
    5. An Android app. Again, this stems from the post linked above. Since the plan is to build it using Ionic2, an iOS version isn't out of the question. We don't have a TL on this, but we'll let you know soon enough. In the meantime - there's always our mobile web app.

    We hope notCRUD itself is, or will become a platform to drive growth not just for the product ecosystem at large, but for you individually, as well. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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