[Show-NC]Arcana-vim: A vim config geared towards programming

  • Vim is an extremely nifty tool to use if one knows how to use it. But hardly ever people get to using vim to its full potential. One can do wonders with vim, if they know what to do with it. Vim configuration files are an extremely powerful way to extend vim to include features which are in modern text editor, while retaining its nimbleness and low memory footprint.

    Since, vim has nothing by default, there is no non-removable bloat.

    This is my vim configuration, complete with all tools one might need for programming, taking notes or reading HN right within vim itself.

    Check it out: https://github.com/arkokoley/arcana-vim

  • This is awesome! Don't see a lot of Vim users out there, and I think I'll use your config :D

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