[Show NC] Parchi - Quick notes and lists

  • A project from Microsoft Garage, Parchi(love the name!) is a beautiful, easy-to-use note taking app. I just started using it, and I find it far superior to Google Keep. Give it a spin, "parchi kato!"


  • Did you know it was developed in India? Quite a good job and coming from Microsoft - an Android app!

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  • Sorry for hijacking the thread, but this reminds me of my days at MS. It was during one of those days when Microsoft Garage was started in Redmond.

    Microsoft Garage inspired me to do lot of new things including

    1. SQL Server Management studio Thin Client (manage SQL Server using a browser),
    2. A Parallel API to help run any normal program (with help of parallel algorithms) on GPU and gain upto 100x performance gain. Inspired from SQL Server Operating system (SQLOS)

  • I used to use the SQL Server Management Studio a few years ago. It was awesome, but a bit clunky. Had no idea you built a web client!

    On another note, my mum is smitten with Parchi. Helps her add to the grocery shopping list whenever I'm in the market.

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