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  • A very interesting library I just came across, on HN, by Amol Mandhane. It's a wrapper around the QtWebKit library, and lets you create nifty UIs in HTML, CSS and Javascript, for standalone Python apps.


    Personally, I haven't used it per se, but I can see a lot of ways it can be useful, without the complexity that came with tools like Kiwy. Node has the Node Web Toolkit, but frankly, a Python-based solution sounds better, especially with the large ecosystem around it.

  • Creating uI in python is a pain. Good to see this library.

    @Anmol - what was your motivation to build this library? Is it being used in the wild?

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  • This is like the NW.js of Python. If it holds up to the promise, it is going to make building cross platform apps a lot more fun for me.

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