[Ask NC] Social auth?

  • Something we've been thinking about for a while.

    Is social auth something you as a notCRUD member would want? As you can see from the thread, the only we we'd be able to connect your social authenticated account with your existing NC account, is if both share the same email address, which may not always be the case. However, if there's support for this idea, we can work on it.

  • @nishanthvijayan that means you want it? :D

  • For me, Social auth is way to get rid of the registration process. Otherwise I do not share any further details asked for.

    I am though very comfortable with Github association

  • So, apart from Github auth, we could also include Twitter auth. And leave it at that. How does that sound?

  • Sounds fine..Anyways Twitter won't be around for too long :P

    Twitter should change its tagline to "Twitter - Discover your inner troll"

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