Finding the right startup Idea

  • Its a fact that all our decisions are not absolutely taken by us. Its influenced by the world around us, the people we interact with, the problems we face etc..

    I believe that even Startups start because of external influence. But nowadays the influence is solely based on which sector is easy to capture, get funding. Then we train our mind to be passionate about that idea/startup and start working.

    According to me, an easier way to get to the initial idea which is not influenced by these superficial factors is to think - "I will never get funded. Do I still want to startup? If so, what is the idea that I want to work on?"

    What methods do you use to find your passion?

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  • @Rohit-Agarwal said:

    One way is to start with a hobby:

    I was born in '83 in Odisha. My thoughts might be outdated. But what hobbies do we have really. Unlike our US counterparts most of us are not even independent till we start going to college or even start earning.

    Does this hobby thing really work? What is today's youth into? What are their hobbies?

  • As a start-up founder type person,
    you're obviously a little different
    from the average technology consumer,
    who is so swept up by the flood of technology available,
    and the copious amount of their time that it consumes,
    that they cant really cultivate a hobby.
    In reality, hobbies are not difficult to cultivate,
    and don't take up much of your time.
    The earlier you start the better,
    but it's never too late to start.



  • @Rohit-Agarwal said:

    hobbies are not difficult to cultivate

    I agree. My point is that most of us here in India don't have hobbies. Atleast in our times, we were mostly expected to complete studies, secure good marks and extra curricular activities for us meant Tabla Classes or Singing classes as they are considered "sober".

    So my question is that now things are changing. But how much? What kind of hobbies does today's youth indulge in?

    Now i realize that I might not have been passionate enough to break the rules to try something else. Its easier to blame society and conservative thinking, which I used to do all the time. But if I was passionate enough, I would have broken all rules and setout to achieve what I wanted. Because I faced same amount of hinderance before starting up, but I eventually shunned everything else to startup. I realized thats my passion.

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