Android client for NC

  • So I would like to make it.

    Any documentation on the API ?

  • @rudimk - we do have an API, right? Would love to see an Android client for NC. Maybe we can start a repo under notCRUD and @championswimmer can push there (so it is constantly improved).

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  • That's awesome! We do have a basic read API, and I have to put up the writing part to it. Shan't take long. Documentation is lacking, but there's this, and I can have that up and running in a few days. Feel like catching up this week and hashing out a plan, @championswimmer?

  • What about posts API ? Post and User API should be fine to start a basic app.

  • It's all there. Simply hasn't been documented yet, which is something I'll rectify in the next few days.

  • @rudimk Will ping you about the catchup plan, haven't scheduled out my own week properly.

    To start with I can work with the read API.

    And yes we will need to auth and read APIs afterwards.

    Are you using Oauth here ?

  • I'm afraid not - no OAuth as of now. The other thing is, I am mulling over revamping the whole platform, make it more modular - right now, it's a mess. Not very sure where to take it. I guess things will be a lot clearer once we sit down and figure it out.

  • On a slightly different note - hate to boast, but the mobile website works quite well, and will be even better once I roll out V2. Push notifications can be handled within that too. Just wondering what an app will bring along.

  • Notifications? How will that work when the user is NOT on notCRUD on the browser ?

  • Been working on that, actually. If you try accessing NC right now on your phone's browser and allow push notifications, any manual notifications I send will be received on your phone. The automated ones - like the ones you get when someone comments on your thread - I haven't worked on that yet, but it's not a lotta work. All powered by Pushcrew.

    The other thing I've been experimenting with, is embedding a Chromeview inside a native app, as well as using a Chromeview as the primary web view inside an Ionic app, to power push notifications.

  • Actually that happens to not work with me (I guess because I do not use Chrome or any Chrome based browser that supports worker threads). I use Firefox both on Desktop and Mobile.

  • Okay, so while push might not work on the mobile website, it would if I embed the Chromeview. Don't need Chrome installed for that. But these are details we can go over later. I'm a bit biased about the mobile web as opposed to an app, but that's probably because I'm a bit lazy...

  • So finally are we making a client? I second @championswimmer that an app would be a great addition to the community.

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  • That's true. @championswimmer and I will get together pretty soon and hash out a plan. I'm writing API docs in the meantime.

  • The android app will be more or less "web development" per se :P I am gonna use Ionic (have been only tinkering with it till date, not deployed any real project using Ionic yet), so that it's easy to cross-platform-ise it.

    @paraschopra Yes we are ! I so definitely need to check on NC when on the move, so I have personal vested interest in making it.

    @rudimk, again I am not sure how you can embed the chromeview inside the website and make notifications on mobile, if I close the browser app from running in the background in the first place. Or just close the tab on which NC was open.

  • Yay, Ionic! Can't wait to hack on this. As far as the Chromeview part is concerned - it's all very, very experimental. I'm going to hack on it, check for all these use cases.

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