Show NC: [Hackathon Project] Bytes - A Food Court App

  • Another of my Hackathon products. This was much more of a PoC than a release-ready product.

    So with Foodpanda to Swiggy to Zomato everybody getting into orders, I think one place that needs foodtech right NOW is Food Courts.

    When out with friends we usually order from multiple joints together (A sub from Subway, a pizza at Chicago Pizza . . .)

    So painpoints:

    1. The whole get a cash card routine is tedious
    2. Order at multiple outlets, stand in each line separately
    3. Keep track of each order. Keep going to each outlet and ask "Is my order ready"
    4. Pay multiple times

    So Bytes was an attempt to solve all these pain points.

    Also, it supports BLE beacons, so the app opens automatically when you are inside the food court.

  • nice idea! When will it go live?

  • @neilpatel Umm, that will need me to do the business-dev side work of tying up with Epucirua/Salt or someone like that. Which in the current stage I am not ready to.
    Will need funding too fwiw to actually make the operations work.

  • @rudimk @paraschopra This can be moved to the new Hackathons subforum :)

  • @championswimmer Right, you are. Could I know more about the hackathon where this was built?

  • @rudimk

    Hackathon : geekfest
    Venue : 91Springboard

    I guess was held around October 2k15

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