Show NC : Chrome Ext to compose numbered tweet storms

  • I was looking to learn React and decided to make this simple chrome extension which helps in composing a series of tweets (aka a tweetstorm) at one go and automatically numbers them.

    I follow @Jp_Loksatta on twitter and his tweetstorms are always numbered, which made me wonder how he knows that he will take exactly 8,9 or 11 tweets to make his point. I also came across many instances on twitter where people start marking their tweets 1/n, 2/n etc and figure out n only at the end.

    So I made this extension which I feel makes it easy to compose a series of tweets at one go.

    Would love feedback on every aspect, including the listing on the Chrome Web Store and how it can be improved.

  • Haha, this is awesome! I love the usecase, and the fact that someone actually thought of building this. Time to start some tweetstorms!

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