Any good resources to Storyboard an Idea

  • I am looking for some good resources to storyboard an idea. Any help would be appreciated!
    Also if any of you have done it before would love to have a chat to get some idea on how to make it more effective and explanatory.

  • Pen and paper works best for me.

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  • Pen and paper, plus I also use Trello sometimes, where the storyboard becomes multidimensional - I can create elements which themselves contain text, graphics, links, and so on.

  • @paraschopra @rudimk anything thats old and u can share publicly that can help me get started.

  • Mindnode and Freemind are great for mapping out tree-based thought flows.

  • Hands down, my product, which is kind of like digital pen and paper, plus you can collaborate properly with your cofounders.
    Link: Collusion

    Trello is also great once you have resulting actions, but is pretty limited in features.

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