[Show NC] Hackathon Project: Ghumo - Cab companion (hail, estimate, live meter)

  • This is what I and 3 friends whipped up at a recent hackathon.

    There are a bunch of cab aggregators out there, but I still have the pain point of not having two things : -
    a ) Comparative pricing for destination A from B across all cab/auto operators
    b ) Live meter, when the cab is running, especially if I am on surge, I really want this.

    So we were able to make a working app within teh weekend.

    Check out the demo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQOOBhp2_9A

    Would like to hear opinions on this.

  • Wow. Lovely clean interface. Where do you get the API from? There's also the Ek app if you haven't seen.

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  • I know the guy behind Ek. Teamed up with him on a couple of products. Amazing stuff.

  • In talks with Nav to join forces for the last month. See something cool soon ;)

  • Damn. You and Nav. Can't wait! :D

  • @paraschopra APIs are largely hacked in the hackathon project. Uber and Ola official, rest all man-in-the-middle.

    The fares are scraped from autotaxifare.com

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