My new project

  • Hello all,

    I am working in a company named YOCTEL as SEO Executive, Yoctel is providing complete OMR sheet solution, omr sheet scanner software, omr sheet checking software, Optical Mark Reading Software etc.. So Recently company assigned me new website for SEO.
    I request you all to please have a look and provide me some suggestions for improving the SEO of website..

    Link for the website is

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Add Title within 66 characters,

    2. Add Meta Description within 155 characters.

    3. Submit this Website to Google Webmaster Tools.

    4. Add the SiteMap to Google Webmaster tools.

    5. Add Robots.txt file.

    6. Enable Gzib compression.

    7. Enable Leaverge browser caching.

    8. add Google+ Publisher Page.

    9. Make This Website Responsive or Make Mobile Version.

    10. Add Your All Heading, Categories, Article, Information with SEO Title & Meta Description.

    I think this will helps alot...