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  • Just tried it. For technical products, where I can specify properties like, say, disk space or memory and so on, it works beautifully. But, say, if I'm looking for a book on World War II, it doesn't work - it identifies that I'm looking for a book, but not the topic. Probably a semantic thing. But at any rate, this is awesome! So the idea is that any ecommerce site/app can hook into this API to power natural language searches?

  • @rudimk : Thank you for your encouraging words. We are not covering books & movies for now. Have a grand plan around book search which will deviate from how it's usually done in the industry today. I should probably mention scope on the demo page itself. (Like try for electronics etc)

    Yes, that's the value. Any retailer can just apply this thin layer on their queries and improve their search experience. Instead of being a difficult niche area for developers, NLP could just be a simple blackbox component. That's how it should always have been.
    Interesting part is, I started out looking for such a component over 5 years ago but didn't see anything that was fast and accurate.

  • What do think about the pricing, should we bump it up? What would you be willing to pay for something like this?

  • Your pricing inputs should probably come from a consumer forum.
    This one has mostly product designers as viewers.



  • We still can give our thoughts. Personally, yes. I'd pay for it.

  • Thank you for featuring us in your newsletter.

  • It's good stuff, bruv!

  • Thank you. And it's getting better every day!!

  • Google announced TensorFlow : http://tensorflow.org/
    Samsung announced Veles : https://velesnet.ml/
    Interesting times ahead for Machine learning and AI.

  • TensorFlow looks perfect for resource-constrained devices, although I'd have to run some benchmarks to see how well it works. Veles - how different do you think it is, from Theano?

  • This link has some comparison benchmarks for Theano, Torch and others but tensorflow should be added in time. I'll try to update when tensorflow (and hopefully Veles) gets added to the list of benchmarked tools.

  • Tensorflow indeed looks like a big deal. Have you tried it @codyguy ?

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  • @paraschopra Not tried it yet. Too many things on my plate right now with ThatNeedle API.

  • Magical ! NLP API just demonstrated real time deduction. Basic but accurate.
    example query
    looking for a cheap frost free
    output was:
    {"item": "refrigerator", "other_attr": ["frost free"], "hint": ["deal"]}

    This will keep getting better. Please try it out and report using the red button!!