[Show NC] A Dribbble Client for IOS

  • I have made a dribbble client for ios, please check it out and provide your valuable feedbacks, it will help me to make the app better


  • Looks good, but I think it could be neater. You should give more whitespace in your design. And this part also looks very crowded.

    Did you use their official API?

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  • @paraschopra said:


    Thanks for the feedback, very valid design issue raised, will update the next version to fix this.

    yes, I have used the official API.

  • Neat! Will give it a shot.

    Are the like and bucket icons actions or just counters? Agree with @paraschopra on adding whitespace around them.

  • Currently, Like button shows the count, and nothing happens on clicking it, will make it functional in future.
    Bucket button click will show all the buckets for a shot. But you can't currently make buckets from the app.
    Once I provide the login option, will provide the options to post a comment, like a shot and follow others.

    Will take care of the white spaces issue in next version.


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