Show NC: Horcrux Email Backup for Mac OS X

  • I started building Horcrux Email Backup a couple years ago. It's not particularly a "hot and sexy" product but I think everybody needs it.

    It basically backs up your emails onto your hard drive. Most other solutions lets you do that (Even your email client). This app focuses more on portability of your emails. You can undelete the emails, transfer it over to other providers with a few clicks. More on why I built it

    I'm thinking of ways to take this forward.

    I had built a web based backup solution for the SMBs then dropped it thinking there are a million other players like Backupify, DropMyEmail, Spanning. I had problems with payment gateways and kind of dropped it.

    People currently like my product probably because it runs on their own system. So, they don't share their credentials with a 3rd party.

    Anyways, I thought I'd start a discussion with my Show NC.

  • @suhastech said:

    More on why I built it

    I like this part: "are packaged with a little Ruby script that can restore emails even if Horcrux is not around." Seems like you've given a thought on data being free from particular tools and methods that use it.

    I'm going to use it!

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  • @paraschopra Thanks! Do let me know what you think.

    It's still a one man operation. So, it's not as polished as I like it to be.

    1. Being a Harry Potter buff, I think you came up with a killer name.

    2. Great tool. Works like a charm.

    3. What kind of issues did you face with payment gateways? Maybe we might have a couple of pointers there :D

  • @rudimk Thanks for the word of encouragement. :)

    As for payment gateway, I needed a payment gateway for recurring billing that doesn't require too much initial investment.

    There isn't one that's like stripe and works in India. Razorpay is getting there. Apparently, they have international billing in the pipeline. So, looking forward to that.

    I've tried Paypal but it's kind of clunky. I also looked into FastSpring but I didn't get my hands to implement it.

    Anyways, this was the site I was talking about . I've turned off the servers. So, this is all I have now.

    I already have the code. I'll try to get this off ground if I get some time. Maybe there's better way to market this one. Some companies would want to keep the backups in house. So, maybe I could license it. I'll have to think about it.

  • I'd recommend Razorpay. Haven't they already kicked off international payments too?

  • One key problem with all email solutions that work with Gmail over IMAP is that they end up with multiple copies of the same mail and attachment since Gmail exposes those over at least two "folders" - All Mails and the one that you filed it under. For any solution that can optimise this, the leverage possible in terms of storage and network is simply crazy.

    Also, Gmail does not differentiate between mails that have been "Archived" vs filed. So, if there are no labels on a mail, it shows up only under "All Mails". When migrating to another service, you will be able to differentiate between mails that should sit in one "Folder" vs in a folder names "Archived" which Gmail failed to expose.

    If you can build specific solutions around both these, then you can really really be an irresistible buy.

  • @maakhansingh That's taken care of :)

    See Question 7

    @rudimk As of now, they accept international cards but still charge in INR.

  • Not very obvious from the "Question 7" text. But happy that you have taken care of it.

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