Show NC: Discover all social profiles of people in a single click

  • Stalky is a social profile link crawler.
    It exclusively crawls, indexes, organizes and verifies various social profile links.
    This enables users to find out all social profile links associated with a celebrity account, in a single click.

  • Interesting. It found all of mine correctly. Do you mind sharing the stack and crawling infrastructure behind it? What's the frequency of update?

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  • Nice. Like it a lot. It actually turned up an Instagram account that I had forgotten about.

    And, I daresay, this is one of the best UIs I've seen, that use material design.

  • @paraschopra Its a simple web crawler, that contains lots of seedpages (Eg: .. ) containing lots of social profile links. The crawler looks for profile links (By regex).
    It then verifies for the links using all official social networking API's, and caches results.
    I have set up a cron job to re-index pages every 3 days.

  • Awesome, 100% correct results for mine as well :+1:



  • A route would be great :D

  • Not only for celebrity accounts, this is also pretty useful if your crush has a less common name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Stalker much? :P

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