[Show NC] Magic Playlist - Get the playlist of your dreams based on a song

  • Magic Playlist is an inteligent algorythm developed under Spotify's API that enables users to create a playlist based on a song.

    The algorithm detects the main artists and creates a playlist based on their high rated tracks. You can preview each song, remove it and add security attributions such as public or private. Give it a name, save it into your Spotify's account and enjoy!

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  • Wow, great interface. Small suggestion - you may want to call 'What's the song on your mind right now' rather than 'What's your favorite song?'. For many people, they have multiple favorite song and I found it difficult to just pick one and enter.

    Instead of playing previews, you can perhaps play full songs using this project on NC: http://notcrud.com/topic/202/instantly-play-any-song-on-the-web-without-even-knowing-its-name

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  • @paraschopra However, seems highly illegal to use. We're working on an app that uses spotify + soundcloud and previews are a pain, but unfortunately have to live with.

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