SHOW NC: TweetLake: Command-line interface to Twitter Streaming Data

  • Twitter API is a gold mine for big data lovers. People can do all sort of analysis and find some cool stats using twitter data. Whether it is sentiment analysis on products/topics or demographics.

    Tweetlake is a command line interface that makes collecting tweets easier. You can read more about it on my blog

    Tweetlake is open source and can be cloned from

  • Wow. Looks super convenient. Great job!

    n00b question - do you require API credentials of the user? How do you get access to Twitter firehose?

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  • In order to use you have to create an app on and get the app credentials. In you need to enter those credentials. Those credentials are specific to the app and to the user who created that app. I think twitter has stopped API access without a user context, hence you need to enter app creator's token for that app as well, which can be generated from above mentioned link. Once done you can directly run the command and start collecting the tweets.

    In order to get access to firehose you need to contact one of the vendors like I think twitter also sells firehose but I don't have have much information about it.

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