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  • For the bibliophiles out here. While I'm not entirely sure how they're different from Goodreads, I really love the UX.


  • I have always complained how there weren't enough places for a bibliophile to be at. I am a member of several nascent book clubs and turning to Good Reads was such a pain because there is so much happening on the same page. So when I ran into this I was like....."Hmmm. This could be it."

    Vivilio connects influential people and bibliophiles to give them a sneak peek into each others' libraries and discussing the books that are on there favorites and wishlists. Add to it the *shudh desi * categories like Urdu literature and the creepy folklore from the hills , the most lurid Indian pulp fiction and you know that this is cent percent Indian.

  • Hi Rudimk, Priyanka here, founder of Vivilio. Thanks for sharing about us on NC. You are pretty much write in comparing us with Goodreads. We are focussing on building a book lovers community in India, and give readers a good mobile experience. Would appreciate your feedback on our web app, contact@vivilio.com.

  • Hi Aditi, great to see such an enthusiastic book lover here. Truly appreciate the way you have described Vivilio. You pretty much got what we are trying to build at Vivilio. Would be great if you tell your friends about us too. Also, I would love to talk to you and your friends and get some feedback about the product. Lets connect at contact@vivilio.com.

  • Quick feature request. If you could pick from Twitter hashtags of a user and add that on profile, that will be killer. I tag the #book everytime I finish it, so building a profile automatically in that sense will be super nifty.

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  • Looked at your web page. Looks interesting indeed. I am going to try it.

    I did not see a Twitter handle on the page. How do people give you feedback ?

    Also, you had a contest running between 20-22 Oct. The link for that is still on your main page. It should go away. You may want to fix it.

  • @paraschopra hi Paras. We have thought of this feature earlier and might include it in future. Currently we are focussing on getting our Android app out.

  • @maakhansingh Hi Maakhan, glad you found it interesting. The social links are at the bottom of the page. You can alternately find us at www.twitter.com/viviliobooks

    Thanks for keeping a keen eye. The banner has been long removed :)

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