Email's still your best chance

  • A detailed post from Chandra Kalle on how email's still your best bet for engaging your users better.

  • @rudimk said:

    Good post. But with so many newsletters, I really wonder if there's a better solution on top of email.

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  • That's where push notifications could be the answer :D

  • This is a very philosophical debate,
    that gets right at the root of the issue
    of just how much should one consider enough
    when it comes to tools and technology.
    Email, if you don't go too far gratuitous,
    for most people and most use cases seems to be quite sufficient.
    But, these days due to the proliferation of tools,
    specially as a result of a lot of the selfless good work
    done by dilletantes on open source,
    its become very easy to build an app
    and seamlessly deploy it on the web very rapidly
    through dev ops
    and the cloud based infrastructure behind that.
    Therefore, as a designer, you are left wondering
    should I just leave good enough alone
    or take the easy way out and make it even better.
    That seems to be the 6 million $ ? at the heart of this post.



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