[Show NC] ZEYNOTE - Supercharging your event execution!

  • ZEYNOTE is project I compiled up in a week, from scratch to fully executable version 1. It is a MVP created to manage events or conference with realtime Q/A and polls. Developed using. Meteorjs, Mongo DB, Foundation Zurb. This came into my mind after google moderator [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Moderator] was shut down.


    Looking for some help on feedback and pricing strategy, I might even open source it.

  • Nice, going to play with it. Why Meteor, though? Is it because of the real-time Q/A and polls?

  • Yeps... Its all in real time, thats why meteor...even the poll results along with questions and its replies. so that introvert audience can also participate.

  • Nice! I see a lot of potential for, say, a hackathon. One I've got in mind, would love to discuss it with you, and how I see Zeynote being a massive driver there.

    Pricing sounds a little complicated. What would you attach a price tag to, here - attendees or stuff like the Q/A and polls?

  • May be the reports and analytics we can generate out of it. Or can add sponsors for advertisement. I event see a lead generation, people interested in what kind of products/events.... not sure about exact way to model it.

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