[Show NC] 99atoms - Supercharging your event planning!

  • 99atoms is the future of event co-ordination. It is a platform which brings your team together, lets you stay in sync and manage you events in real-time. It reduces the communication gap, tracks your finances and stores all your data under one roof.

    Short Intro Video:


    Looking for some help on the pricing strategy and as well how to market a SaaS application to international market remotely. We have about 105 clients we have been working with and have been mostly hard selling to understand the needs and flow required by the event planning teams. Soon we want to move to a remote selling and customer support to see how we can scale.

  • That's a very interesting name - and at first glance, fell in love with the dashboard! Should use this for some of our events :D

  • @rudimk thanks much buddy :) do give me your feedback. if you need any help getting around do let me know. would love to get on a call if you need :)

  • Absolutely! :D

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