Building Most Integrated HR + PM + CRM software (Trimmed ERP)

  • Hello Everyone,

    We are a self funded start-up with a goal to revolutionize way people, companies & projects are managed.

    Point is to offer an integrated platform where once employee is added in the company portal - he/she can do everything whether it's HR, Payroll, Time/Expense, Billing or Invoicing, Accounting, Legal, Project/Task Management & many other features.

    We are at very early stage of a product development but planning to release our first beta non prod version by end of the next month.

    We are looking for some early stage users (companies with less than 10-15 employees). We will help you with everything - including on-boarding, HR, payroll etc. If you are interested please message here or you can directly email me at " nikhil.jathar at avansaber dot com".

    We are looking for some feedback from the community about what they like or don't like about their existing software in use for On-boarding, HR, Payroll, Time & Expense, Project Management, CRM, Accounting (in short a trimmed version of ERP). Anything works :).

    Nonetheless - if you have anything just message me :) I would love to discuss.


  • Is there a criterion around the size of possible beta companies that join up?

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