Tinder meets real estate

  • How I automated house search using simple tech solution.


    (not entirely sure notcrud is right place to post this, please feel free to delete if it is inappropriate.)

  • This looks quite an interesting thing to have! I'd love to see this come up for Indian cities - although I'm not sure if there's an API around for that, and scraping real-estate sites can be a pain here.

  • Thanks. Will be difficult in India as most properties dont have open inspection times. Here in AU that is probably the only way to schedule an inspection. With out the last bit of managing calendar automatically, it is not as useful. But thinking of experimenting with ikea catalogue as we are in market to buy new furniture too. :)

  • @IamSB : We at http://www.flatgradings.com have always wanted to build something like this here but never got around to give this enough time. With India aspect, the calendar part was replaced by managing contacts, to begin with. If you would like to build something for India, do let me know, I can provide you with the necessary api.

  • Thanks, flatgradings.com does look interesting. I am just trying to solve my own problem and have no bandwidth to make this as a product though. :)

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