Challenges Of Building A Machine Learning Team In India

  • Good post by TargetingMantra guys on what challenges they face while hiring for machine learning

    I wish they would have mentioned things like: their ML stack and given examples of actual questions they ask. Also ML is different for different people. I wonder if they are talking more on the deployment side or more on the research side?

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  • Not sure what exactly in the post was specific to ML hiring. Seems generic tech hiring, ML seems more like a PR plug than anything else.
    Also any ML company which does not write a learning bot to sift through resumes and cover letters, then I fail to take them seriously. :)

  • Both excellent points @IamSB, machine learning is just a different type of algorithm and algorithms are commonly used in software engineering, so the hiring process shouldn't be any different. Calling it ML instead of machine learning itself is psuedo-nomenclature. Also, the best designed products start with serving your own needs so an ML company definitely must automate their hiring process. Shows they are chewing their own dogfood. Specially in this case, since the value proposition of applying machine learning to a real world problem is often in question.:smirk:



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