[Show NC] Streaks - Build habits using the Seinfeld principle

  • Hey guys,

    I had made this little app called Streaks which helps you build habits by making sure you complete your tasks everyday.

    This is based on the Jerry Seinfeld's don't break the chain principle.

    The app is currently only for Android. Don't have an iPhone to build one for iOS. 😁

    The app has been featured in TheNextWeb and Lifehacker which has helped cross the 10K downloads mark.

    Looking for feedback and ideas from community about how to take this to "the next level". :)

    App developer. pilanites.com and inkmat.com


  • I'm going to start using this right away, and get back to you :D

  • @rudimk Thanks. Beware, there is a limit of 5 tasks in free version. :)

    App developer. pilanites.com and inkmat.com


  • Been using streaks for few days and so far not impressed. App hardly does anything beyond sending reminders. And even reminders are not particularly motivating. They just say "Did you do this today". Uninstalling.