The freemium model and India

  • Why do you think we don't see a lot of freemium apps coming out of India right now?

  • I think the biggest issue is that indians generally are not OK to pay for stuff. Yes, I know this might sound controversial but ask any B2B guy and s/he'll tell you tales of indian businesses delaying payment by months. Maybe it is our culture to haggle?

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  • @paraschopra That, plus the fact that a lot of Indian smart phone owners don't have cards added to their accounts. This is also a reason why they don't pay even if they want to. All these add up.

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  • @paraschopra My sense is that most of the services or offerings are good to have or want based. Unless you end up positioning your service/ product in the need based segment, you won't get much value for bucks (as the publisher).

    Can we compare B2B with B2C over here? I wonder.

    I think by and large education/ health sector apps should be able to monetise in a near future because here the user is less likely to be publisher (provider) agnostic, right? Every other place, he will seek for the best transactional fit.

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  • I feel like pricing and purchasing power has something to do with it too. For instance a dollar here and there is not that big a deal in western countries. Charging similar amounts to Indian consumers may not be as effective. You really do need to figure out a good price point that the Indian consumer would be willing to pay for digital goods and it doesn't look like we have reached the point where someone has figured this part out.

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