[Show NC] Android app to root your router with OpenWRT + TOR + OpenDNS

  • With the world and India moving digitally forward, we've to make sure that everyone is secured online and have their privacy - their very own right.

    Open Netware a startup based in Mumbai founded by ex Macafee and intel employee, has created a router firmware - Privacy On Top based on industry standard OpenWRT - linux based OS that has OpenDNS, DNSScript integrated within and TOR package on the top of it.

    The best part here is, the android app we've created that takes care of the entire installation process.

    Currently we're supporting limited set of routers.

    So do check out guys and let us know how do you like the idea and the product too.

    If you're unaware about the any of the technologies mentioned above here are the links for your reference

    OpenWRT - https://www.openwrt.org
    TOR - https://www.torproject.org
    OpenDNS - https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/

    To clear the basic doubts we've created FAQ section on our website

    Feedback and reviews are highly appreciated.

    Do spread a word about us

  • Nice.
    For Privacy, it uses TOR. Does that mean i will be part(can access) of whole TOR network underlying the internet?
    Will you guys be saving/tracking my online presence?
    What do you suggest should one use your TOR implementation at home if one is gov employee?
    Does your firmware supports hdd/usb connection if my router currently supports one?

  • This is great stuff. While I have to really read through the FAQs to get more info and get started - I really like the part where you've provided links to original firmware for routers you support - if something goes wrong and I manage to brick a router, I don't have to dig around, to get it back up and running. +1 for that!

  • @raevilman Thanks. You must have noticed on our website that once you install this on your router, it exposes two SSIDs - one your secure connection (without TOR) and another one with TOR network. So it completely depends on you whether to use former or later.

    No. we are not going to track your online presence. Basically this product is to defend the tracking.

    As for the TOR usage, it's legal. You can check their website to get more information about how is using it. If there is any norm for government employees, it must be in the organization. After all house is your private space. We don't think there will be any restriction yet, we suggest you to check.

    If I've understood your point correctly, you mean attaching external storage to share over the network right? If so, then yes, OpenWRT is the core OS and it does support that. We recommend you go through their documentation as they also have some additional customization packages for such features.


  • @rudimk Thanks buddy. The goal here is to reach out to as many people as possible. May those be technical or non-technical who're concerned about the privacy.

    Naturally, we try to look for the recovery mechanism first whenever we go messing around with technology which is why the original firmware thing. It gives a little confidence in trying out the new firmware.


  • Great approach, right there. :D

  • @rudimk Aye. Do try it out and let us know the feedback. Also would appreciate if you can spread a word about it in your network.